the portfolio competition
Portfolio for foreign nationals entering the master's program with full cost recovery

01.04.02 Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies

38.04.02 International Business

27.04.03, 09.04.01, 38.04.02 Information Technology Management

38.04.01, 40.04.01 Global Business and Forensic Accounting

45.04.01, 46.04.01 International Studies in the Context of Languages and Cultures

38.04.02, 46.04.01 Transnational Relations: Russia, Asia, and Europe

06.04.01 Human ecology with fundamentals of biomedicine

03.04.02 Nanoscale structure of materials

38.04.02, 20.04.01 HSE – Management

51.04.01 Russian Cultural Studies

38.04.02, 46.04.01 Urban Studies

You can get up to 100 points for the portfolio and you needn't take exams.
Submission deadlines: June, 20th 2019

The list of the required documents:

-The motivation letter;
- Essay;
- Letter of recommendation;
- Personal achievements.
Format requirements:

All the necessary documents are united in one folder, which is archived afterwards. Аrchive folder format – RAR.